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Foster To Adopt

“FOSTER TO ADOPT” Breeding Program Our Foster To Adopt Breeding Program is designed for carefully selected adult dogs or puppies to have their forever home/family in place with a loving family prior to their retirement from their breeding plans. This allows the dogs the time to learn and bond while still being able to contribute to our 43 year breeding program. We select only the very best to be a part of this unique, positive and very successful program. The dogs that we select have stellar pedigrees, sweet dispositions and go thru extensive health clearances. We always take time to make certain that all family members are on board and have an excellent understanding as to what their obligations are to this very beneficial program. We do not take any part of this lightly as our dogs deserve nothing short of the very best.

If you are interested in learning more about our “Foster To Adopt” Breeding Program - Please contact Craig Westergaard at 336-643-5169.

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